The Return of Your Slogans

The Sloganator pushes up the daisies, your slogans live on.

We'll be posting more -- if not all -- of your slogans in actual poster format (well, as images, at least) over the weekend.

P.S. We're aware of the way you can use a graphic editor to make fake BC04 posters. It's just not as fun that way. Go tell They might be interested.

The Legend of the Sloganator [Wonkette]


Sloganator Gallery


You Breed Em' We Greet Em'


None of my ideas seemed acceptable to the Greedy Old Pilferers' poster-maker machinery. I tried the following:

Don't turn around, the Kommissar's in town.

Republicans: The oxy-contin of the people. (Guess the drug reference might have tipped 'em.)

It's not who votes, it's who counts the votes.

Remember the Potemkin.

Good for one night lodging at Kremlin on the Hudson.

Obviously, the motif here is Bolshevism. I am totally appalled at repeated anti-Shrub references invoking Hitler. Not that the comparison is unfair, particularly, or even politically incorrect, but it is historically inaccurate. Facile analogies to Nazism display an unacceptable level of intellectual sloth. In the interest of historically accurate paradigm imposition, I must insist that, whoever is running things in the Bushevik regime, Gospodin Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, not Herr Schickelgruber, is the proper touchstone. Thinking (under the influence of Kevin Phillips, no doubt) that aristocratic heirs to unearned privilege and ill-gotten riches might be acceptable, I tried

Free Rasputin. Unchain Cheney, and

Badges? We doan need no steenkeeng badges (a subtle nod to Hispanic voters and other little brown ones).

Curses, no dice. They may be a mite slow, like the CIA still showing the trailers, but maybe this got fixed last night. Well you Greasy Old Porkers, if you don't want my help, pogue mahone. And if you can't take a joke, well, ask Tucker to tell you what I said to do with his bowtie.


Winners include "Favoring the Rich at Your Expense" and "Vote For Me. I Have a Dick."


�W and a dick�works fine.


"One Dick, One Bush as God Intended"

"Don't Settle for the Lesser of Two Evils"

"I Wasn't Using Those Rights Anyway"

"Don't Switch Horses Mid Apocalypse"

the Sloganator doesn't like hyphens. [shrug]


I've got a nice Bush poster on my wall now that says:

"More wealth for few, on the backs of many!"


Don't change horsemen mid-apocalypse!


Hop in the handbasket!

Because there's stuff left to loot still.

Because we've never lied to you. Not today, anyway. Okay, definitely not since lunch.

We broke it so we should fix it, right?

You'll never have to think about OUR winkies.


We are pleased to report that "Adelante Con Jesus" is A-OK


For awhile, all that came to mind were profanities, so they were all rejected. Finally, I managed:

"600 Dead American Soldiers Can't Be Wrong!"


"Now With Extra-Whitening Action!"


"We're Watching You. So Vote:"


Hey, I tried to do "Hate the sin, bomb the sinner" and it wouldn't work. Turns out 'sin' and 'bomb' are okay, but 'Hate' is not. Neither is 'discourage'. I was able to do 'Strategery for the 21st Century' and 'Governing from an undisclosed location', tho.


I got away with 'I'm not wearing any pants' in the City field. . . it declined to use 'NAMBLA members for'




Just Lay Back And Enjoy It

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

No, Monkeys Could NOT Do Better!



Put Bush with Dick and we all get . . .

Because Rome wasn't built in a day

Because it's funny to see things fall apart

Because he flew them fighter planes high

Alienating Allies since 2000

Just bend over and take it like a man

And put them gays in their place


Killing them Arabs since 2001

Terrorism's a coming kids

Kill them and let god sort them out

Tastes like smegma


Axis of Evil


Some slogans that worked:

Arbeit Mach Frie

Lying to the Public is Our Business

Crushing Dissent Since 2000


Some of my favorites:

God Says Take one for the Team Vote Bush Cheney 04

American Disunited Bush Cheney 04

The Armageddon is Here Bush Cheney 04

The End of the World is Nigh: Bush Cheney 04

Just Say No to Bush Cheney 04

As the Rapture Approaches Bush Cheney 04

Satan's Minion Bush Cheney 04

God Says Punish the Secularists Bush Cheney 04

We Can do Better than Bush Cheney 04

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