The Roaming Pope

  • Pope Benedict XVI, visiting the U.S. this week from Rome, will try to dumb down his message for stupid Americans. [Washington Post]
  • Retailers everywhere are going bankrupt, shutting down locations, and bailing on their creditors. [New York Times]
  • Private debt collectors cost the IRS more money than they take in. By the logic of the famous "Bush Doctrine," this means that the most expensive and least competent debt collector of all will shortly be promoted to Secretary of the Treasury. [Washington Post]
  • Northwest and Delta Airlines announced a merger plan, which will form a single giant robot god that will be the largest in the world. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Barack Obama's dad wrote a paper once, and Politico has it, in full! It is "moderate and conciliatory." [Politico]
  • Cuban-American voters have the chance to be pandered to by Republicans and Democrats this election cycle. [Wall Street Journal]

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