The Rock

* Bill Richardson isn't doing as badly as he used to be, now that he's all like "Kum Ba Yah" on Iraq and giving everybody free medicine. [Wizbang]

* We, too, forget to take our pills while watching hours and hours of television. [Passport]

* Ha ha ha John McCain's got made-up opinions on things. [The Swamp]

* Bob Novak is writing a book to underscore that he's old, white and fat. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Sorry, but "retarded" and "gay" aren't really the same thing. [IMAO]

* Turkey is so jealous of all the fun we're having in Iraq, they're just dying to get in on the action. [Iraq Slogger]

* Apparently, the fact that everything that Bush has ever done has ended in failure is a problem for the people who actually want to make the world a little safer. Go figure. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* The libtards in Congress want to give the libtards in Hollywood tax dollars for all their libtard causes! Jerry Bruckheimer will be out of a job! [Redstate]


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