The Rodent to the Presidency

couldn't you  just melt?Yesterday, Clark adviser Chris Lehane told reporters the general's ingenious campaign strategy: "Our intention is to win in Tennessee [and] go on to fight like a badger in Wisconsin." Sure, invoking the University of Wisconsin's adorable mascot sounds less than intimidating, but a badger -- much like Wes Clark Jr. -- is far more ferocious than his cute and cuddly appearance would suggest. Just the other day in Tulsa, a badger complained to reporters that their coverage displayed a "transparent pro-mongoose bias" and was "a fucking joke."

Edwards, Clark see Tenn., Va. as key [Boston Globe]

From the Mouths of Babes: The general's son on sweaters, speeding tickets, and the corrupt political press. [Slate]

Wes Jr. [AP/Yahoo]


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