The Rove Show, with Scott McLellan as Old Yeller

Will This Picture Even Be Not AppropriateYup, that video of the WH press corps pelting Scott McClellan with repeated questions about the Plame investigation sure is funny. Funny if you like watching puppies get beaten. Poor Scotty -- probably the person who knows the least about the matter, he was the most careless in formulating his responses. So WH correspondents are going after him! He says he can't talk about the investigation, but they can totally prove he did!

David Gregory gets the most righteous: "So you stood at that podium and said that [Karl Rove] was not involved, so don't you owe the American public a fuller explanation?" Damn, that must have been satisfying. Only Scotty didn't say Karl wasn't involved. He said Karl told him he wasn't involved. (You thought Rove was evil before: Now we learn he lies to puppies.)

In any case, we suggest that if the press corps -- or "the American public" --- want a fuller explanation, they should aim a little higher than Scott to get it.

Of course, he's the only one who will talk to them....on the record.

Press Corp grilling Scotty [C&L]

UPDATE: Scott not a puppy, may be an infant gerbil. [Wonkette]


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