The Same, But Different

* Bush can't get his appointments through, and it's probably better that way. We think we could save some payroll dollars by letting monkeys run the show, making their decisions on a dartboard. But nobody asked us. [NYT]

* The Paultards bring their particular flavor of crazy to New Hampshire. [WP]

* Anyone who could have guessed in 2002 that the world was too nuanced for Bush's concept of how the world should be run was just getting lucky. [NYT]

* Mike Huckabee will never be the candidate of the religious right. He doesn't make crazy eyes or drool on himself even a little bit.[Politico]

* No two states have to treat Mexicans the same way, and we like to think that's one of the things that makes America so great. [WP]

* Untraceable e-mails circulated vicious rumors that Barry Obama is a Muslim and also that he's black. [Politico]

* The next Congress will have no Republicans in it but will inexplicably continue to pass only legislation entered by the Republican leadership. [The Hill]

* New Orleans will host a presidential debate, though it's not clear who will attend since no one in Washington knows the city exists. [WT]


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