The Second Amendment: Gay America's #1 Weapon Against Bullies


  • Instead of banning hate speech, FARCEbook should just give guns to all those suicidal gay teens. [RedState]
  • Obama is secretly calculating the demise of the American economy, so he and his down-low boyfriend, Tim Geithner, can get off on the destruction of America. [RFD America]

  • Finally, some Republicans are bravely standing up against the most sickening form of welfare in America, the minimum wage. [Time]

  • Liberals hate the Tea Party because their elbow patch-wearing Ivy League professors forgot to teach them them about how awesome the Tea Party is. [WSJ]
  • The Gay Patriots play hot or not by comparing the relative hotness of Republicans vs. Democrats. Funny, we don't see Lindsey Graham anywhere. [Gay Patriot]


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