The Secret Life of Ralph Gonzalez

Creepy photo credit: Orlando Sentinel - WonketteAn emailer writes:

As per the claims of a lover's quarrel, Ralph (aka Rob) has been a fixture of for a long while.

While I didn't know him personally, nor did I realize exactly who he was, I have chatted with him off-and-on for years. His intentionally kept a low-profile, using a picture obscured his look, saying only that he worked in government consulting, and using a pseudonym. The one huge tell, however, was his occasional bioline that listed some Republican talking point. This would inevitably roil the chat room he was in, leading him to eventually change his s/n, remove his picture, and stay much lower-key.

Its still unclear who shot who, but I do know that his own roommate didn't know he was gay. I just hope it wasn't Rob that did the killing but rather he was an unfortunate victim of either murderous intolerance or jealous rage. We shall see.

We continue to welcome any and all speculation, gossip, and theorizing!

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