The Show Goes On Despite The Onslaught Of Snow If WMATA Doesn't Suck Too Much


Saturday, February 6 through Sunday February 7: Fact: DC has a festival of short films, and the winners from said festival will be screened tonight and tomorrow night as part of the "Best of the Fest" -- that is, assuming the snow doesn't render living impossible this weekend. (Actually, the festival will go on as long as Metro is "open.") [Best of the Fest]

  • Friday February 5 through Sunday, February 13: Part play, part elaborate interpretative dance, Suicide.Chat.Room, reminds us that while the internets can be used for good, a lot of scary shit also goes through the tubes. [Tafety Punk Theater Company]
  • Friday February 5 through Sunday February 14: Feeling down in the dumps now that Mr. Cosmo has officially been sworn in as #41? Then see The Rivalry, a reenactment of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Its relevance will scare you, and the incredible rhetoric will remind you that this country actually has principles that are worth fighting for. [The Rivalry]
  • Saturday, February 6 through Sunday February 7: The show The Real World is pretty terrible, but we can all agree that house was pretty awesome. Gallery Plan B will be showing off -- for viewing and for purchase -- the original artwork and decor from the show this weekend. [Gallery Plan B]
  • Tuesday February 9 through Sunday, February 21: Grease is now showing at the National Theater. A play about summer love in the dead of winter? We'll take it, only because because the infamous Taylor Hicks is starring as the Teen Angle and only good things can come of that. [National Theater]

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