The Situation With Tucker Carlson Is Increasingly Grim

bow.jpgPoor Tucker Carlson. Clearly desperate for attention now that no one remembers what channel he's on (seriously, CNBC? HBO? Logo?), he's reduced to cheap exhibition wrestling with James Carville in school auditoriums. But we can understand why he's no longer the darling of the Conservative set -- how's Carville supposed to sputter hilarious rejoinders at lines like this:

People believe the president's honest, Carlson said, because of the way he talks.

It's like "watching a drunk man cross an icy street. Actually, like a drunk friend. 'You can do it. Come on.' " Carlson said. "If he can barely speak, he must be telling the truth."

Oh, Tucker. Good-naturedly insulting characterizations of Bush are not going to get you back on primetime. We like our Conservatives fiery and unwilling to find fault in their President. Except when he makes too friendly with the ragheads, of course.

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