The Sloganator Goes Pro (Football)

SantorumA Louisiana State University professor inadvertently stumbled upon the NFL's efforts to clamp down on the gay agenda:

[She wanted to] buy a jersey with the name of one of her former students. The student happened to be Randall Gay, a defensive back for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Her attempts were initially rejected. "The NFL Shop website said that they weren't allowed to print 'naughty words' on jerseys," Clemons says.
Oh, dear. "Gay" is a "naughty" word? And here we were, trying to get one with "Corn-Holer" printed on it. In any case, the nice gays, I mean... ass-fuckers (is that ok?) over at OutSports had some fun with the would-be silk-screen censor and while many of their ideas did NOT make it past the tight-ended NFL, we hope Santorum likes the one they made for him.

'Gay' Is a Naughty Word [Out Sports]


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