The Sloganator Reloaded

Sure, you can try to recreate the glory days with the Faux-ganator they've got running at -- or you can wallow in the past with the Wonkette Sloganator Memorial JPGs. Collect, trade, chortle! Currently available:

Keep Expectations Low

We Can Detain You, You Know

Look Out California, You're Next!

Take THAT, America!

No More Years

Really Did Not Dodge Vietnam

Subverting Democracy, One Election at a Time

Because Corporate America Demands It

Unless You Enjoy Listening to Howard Stern

Guys Should Be All About the Bush

He Burns, But Is Not Consumed

Because We Still Have Rights Left

Say Goodbye to Your Job

The Ass Fucking Stops Now

Don't forget: They're all "Paid for by Bush-Cheney 04, Inc."

Wonketteer Mark Wade has also created the Sloganator trading board at Yahoo, for those of you who can't live without the full-size huge honking PDF files.

We apologize for the delay. Natraj the Wonkette child laborer will be beaten when he returns for the Colin Powell rally.

More to come.


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