The Spambots Are Attacking! RUN!

paulspambot.jpgThis is what your G-mail looks like when certain spambots detect a blip from your IP address that you've been disrespecting their master. This example from my Wonkette inbox bears all the hallmarks of a classic Paultard hit-and-run: domains such as "," "" or that deadliest of foes, ""; claims that if you're not for Paul, you're for Hillary; lazy inconsistencies like "4 PRESIDENT" vs. "FOR PRESIDENT!"; and finally, body text that offers you quick credit without background checks.

After the jump, some other e-mailed comments from the suddenly mobilized Paultard herd.

The standard "If you like the Constitution, then you can only like Paul" line:

You guys are nuts! Declaring war on Ron Paul is like declaring war on our Constitution, the only document that keeps us free... and he's the only one who's never voted against it...

This one, on the other hand, has quite the potty mouth!:

Here's a tip. You represent the worst in sausage snorkling statist cunt bags. All praise Obama and Hillary, right? Cocksuckers. Keep it up with the "Paultards" nonsense. You can laugh it up when either Il Douchebag Rudy OR Hillary "gotta-love-a-dynasty" Clinton are president and we are deeper in debt and up to our necks in mid-east war, you vile pieces of liberty hating shit.

Well, so much for the backwards "LOVE" in "REVOLUTION." Hmm... actually, I think I've heard that phrase before -- "vile pieces of liberty hating shit." Maybe it was at a 7-eleven where some white trash guy was chewing out the Middle Eastern clerk?


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