The Spy Who Came in From the Solar-Warmed House

she doesnt even keep up her yardSo glad they caught the lady spy! She's from Takoma Park, and everyone knows how easy it is to gain inside information about the Bush military plans there. Especially as a former Carol Mosely-Braun press secretary. Sure, these secrets are usually of "the Bush administration orchestrated 9/11 to jack up the price of gas" variety, but it was probably better than what the Iraqis could have gotten on their own. Seriously, we're just a little unclear on what sort of danger this hippie Robert Hanssen posed to U.S. intelligence. Documents from her time as a dimly-remember congressional staffer? Giving Saddam directions on how to build a corn-fueled car? (Or whatever. Those Takoma types don't like oil, that's all we know.) Seriously, the Iraqis give her $10K and she brings them some Tofutti and some Earth First stickers? No wonder they lost.

Ex-Congressional Aide Charged With Spying [AP/Yahoo]


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