The State Department Now Responding To 'HILLARY VP???" Questions With Poetry


Is this a Hillary picture?The very serious "DUMP BIDEN 4 HILLARY?" speculation that our pal Ed Henry questioned the White House press secretary about yesterday got a real kick today when author Ed Klein, who's right up there with World Net Daily in terms of credibility, reported (/talked to his own butt) that Hillary Clinton rejected the vice presidency two weeks ago. The Weekly Standard went seeking confirmation and got a nice little poem from one of Clinton's aides in response.

But the secretary of state's staff is denying that this reported lunch between Clinton and top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett even took place, ever.

In an email from a State Department spokesman to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Philippe Reines, a longtime Clinton confidant, channels his inner Dr. Seuss to shoot down the report:

"This did not happen

"They did not have lunch

"They did not have any meal

"They did not meet this month

"They did not meet last month

"They did not meet in 2012

"They did not meet in 2011, 2010, 2009

"This is not happening

"Truth is that Ed Klein is an idiot with not a shred of credibility

"Truth is that Ed Klein's motto is 'If at first you don't succeed, lie lie again.'"

National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor added, "Happening now in Dan’s cubicle: [youtube" expand=1] (It is a video called "Beating a Dead Horse.") Weekly Standard scribe Daniel Halper mused that Vietor may have been referring to the cubicle of White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer, after which Vietor told Halper, "By the way, I was definitely referring to your cubicle."

These Democrats are the meanest sort of people. Why can't they make Hillary Clinton vice president right now just to get the conservative media off their backs?

[Weekly Standard]


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