The State of the Debate on the War


This Kitten Reminds Me Of Moby
"I can't imagine Army Spc. Casey Sheehan would approve of this kitten."

Kitten Orgy
"The contented purrs of these kittens, which make for effective media theatre, also make for standard radical anti-war verbiage."

"this kitten thinks a cabal of neo-cons, Zionists, and oil-hungry coporate robber barons murdered her son to line their pockets with blood money—all while making the world safe for Jew dominance, the theft of Arab land and resources, and the oppression of millions of peace-loving Muslims (crimes that this kitten would happily forgive, if only George Bush would just talk to her!)"

I Still Know All About These Kittens [Obsidian Wings]

These Kittens Aren't Fooling Anyone [The Poor Man]

Probably Just an Oversight [Protein Wisdom]


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