The State of the Union is Boring

  • A massive, humiliating defeat for Hillary means no more wild-eyed yelling and screaming from Bill. [New York Times]
  • Obama's Kennedy endorsement may start a Hatfield-McCoy style family feud that lasts for generations. [New York Times, Washington Post]
  • Hey, DC: Maybe you'll be important this go-round. Ha, not really. [Washington Post]
  • Fluff pieces about places where Bill Clinton has lived? Sure. How about two? [Washington Post, Washington Post]
  • Without a stimulus plan, there won't be any token motions made toward "fixing" seven years of horrible, horrible policy. [Financial Times]
  • Guys! Hey, guys! Max Baucus has a stimulus plan also. [Roll Call]
  • No Mars landing or plea to investigate ball players on juice in this year State of the Union. Sorry. [Politico]

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