The Surge Is Working!

  • U.S. forces -- not Iraqis -- appear to be leading the fight against the Mahdi Army in Baghdad's Sadr City. Baghdad is under curfew until Saturday. Prime Minister al-Maliki pledged "no retreat" from the fight. [Washington Post, AP]
  • Apparently, the people in the CIA who destroyed hundreds of hours of prisoner interrogation tapes may have thought they were freeing themselves from potential legal entanglements. It's not like "destruction of evidence" is a crime, right? [New York Times]
  • Three presidential candidates, three ways to fix our doomed economy. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Tibetan protests highlight the rift between regular Tibetans and the China-friendly ruling class. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Pennsylvanians whine about how they aren't feeling the love from Clinton or Obama. [Politico]
  • Harvard picks a Yale graduate to run its $34.9 billion endowment. [New York Times]

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