Teabaggers Consider the Nuclear Option, Just as Hillary Clinton Once Did


  • Last Thursday hundreds of helpless picnic-goers were forced to wear leis and eat lomi lomi salmon while Barack Obama lit cigarettes with a tiki torch. It was the first madrassa-themed congressional picnic, ever. [HuffPost]

  • More than 200 mullet-sporting diabetics came to pastor Ken Pagano's bring-your-gun-to-church-day and wow, nobody got shot! It was a big improvement over a similar event pastor Ken hosted at the Dallas book depository back in the '60s. [Think Progress]

  • If you've noticed Michelle Obama skipping around the White House eating crumpets and slicing shit in half with an enormous saber, it is because she thinks she is the Queen of England. Who will shatter her fragile heart and tell her the truth? 1,2,3 .... Not it! [RedState]

  • In a new and provocative ad campaign, Amnesty International beats up women when no one's watching, to help illustrate how sneaky domestic violence is. [Andrew Sullivan]

  • The eight Republicans who voted for Cap and Trade -- known in more sophisticated bohemian circles as the TR8TORS -- have enraged the Teabagging Community. And now the Tea Baggin' Patriots have rigged up a javascript Doomsday device that will detonate in two days unless the Tr8tors change their vote! [Cap And Tr8tors]


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