The Time Has Come To Ponder Bill Kristol's Future


For the past year, the liberal New York Times has published a comical fraud letter every Monday from its "lightning rod conservative" columnist, the Republican party operative Bill Kristol. This has provided your Wonkette with many posts! We were planning on ignoring him late last year, until the Times' opinion editor challenged us by calling Kristol a "serious, respected conservative intellectual" and us "intolerant." Not only is the first half of that wrong, but Kristol doesn't even care about his column! So will he keep it for another year? The douche himself speaks!

The Conde Nast Portfolio news publication caught up with Kristol at some thing and asked about his future at the Times. Clearly it weighs heavily on his mind, this decision about whether to keep his 750-words in the most-read opinion market on the planet:

"I don't think I've had that conversation yet," he told me.

Okay -- but would he like to have it renewed? "I'm ambivalent. It's been fun. It's a lot of work. I have a lot of things going on. But I haven't really focused on it."

Kristol said he planned to talk to Andy Rosenthal, the Times's editorial-page editor, "soon."

Ha ha, he doesn't give a hoot. He cares about nothing more than getting Republicans elected (as we all do!) This is mostly what George Packer has to say in a thorough take-down at the elitist caviar-financed New Yorker magazine:

The real grounds for firing Kristol are that he didn’t take his column seriously. In his year on the Op-Ed page, not one memorable sentence, not one provocative thought, not one valuable piece of information appeared under his name. The prose was so limp (“Who, inquiring minds want to know, is going to spare us a first Obama term?”) that you had the sense Kristol wrote his column during the commercial breaks of his gig on Fox News Sunday and gave it about the same amount of thought.


The degeneration of the conservative movement from William F. Buckley and Milton Friedman to Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin is a subject that will require more than one book (Mark Lilla got a start in this fine Wall Street Journal column). Kristol’s performance on the Op-Ed page during the most interesting election in a generation is a historical symptom, not merely a personal failure. He wrote badly because his world view had become problematic at best, untenable at worst, and he had spent too many years turning out Party propaganda to summon the intellectual resources that a difficult situation required.

Another interesting thing about Bill Kristol is that he is much shorter and fatter in real life. Your Wonkette saw him in New Hampshire and St. Paul and were like, "Whoa hey this guy is much shorter and fatter in real life." And that's fine! But he doesn't really look short or fat on teevee, know? Oh and in St. Paul, he was walking behind Jonah Goldberg -- who is a 7-foot, 300-pound goateed spittle monster -- and Jonah Goldberg had worse press access than us. The Republican Convention! Jonah! Son of Lucianne! So he should also be fired from whichever Times op-ed page he writes for. Los Angeles Times? Yes, that one.

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