The Top Two Hottest Disgraced Priests Who Went And Married Female Ladies



Father Tim was tall and tanned and handsome. He was young, maybe 35, with a full head of prematurely silver hair. Once he was on a plane, dressed in civilian clothes, headed for a ski weekend with a buddy, when a beautiful blonde woman sat down next to him. "And I thought," he said to us, one Sunday probably 28 years ago or so, "'God is good.'"

And oh how the women and girls of St. Paschal's tittered and giggled and fluttered and stirred.

We all loved Father Tim. We would have married Father Tim, except for the part about how we were all going to grow up and marry Jesus instead.

Well, we got to thinking about Father Tim this week when we saw this story about this disgraced ex-priest who went and married a lady -- a female lady -- the daughter of Mary Ann Glendon, actually, the former US Ambassador to the Holy See.

Here he is, and bitchez, he is off the market :(


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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