The Trouble with Harriet: Miers's Blog and Dan's Downfall

She's got some vocal critics: "she's the first Supreme Court nominee whose eyeliner is thicker than her curriculum vitae." [Luttig's Liar]

Ryan Lizza notes that "loyalty to Bush trumped intellectual firepower," and that she once signed a document advocating same-sex couples' right to adopt. Hmmmm. [&c.]

Give her this, she knows her daily political tip sheets: "The Note for call[ed] me a 'a trailblazing, conservative, consensus-y, strict constructionist' -- and then I stopped reading! The Note is always TOO LONG!" [Harriet Miers's Blog]

Frum hates her, no he doesn't, yes he does, wait... Nasty comments by National Review neocon mysteriously removed. [Al Franken Show Blog]

Miers totally responsible for Dan Rather's downfall. [Attytood]


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