The Two Best Panels (Thus Far) from 9/11: The Comic Book

comicbush.jpgExhibit A: President Bush's posture is great. And Karl Rove has never looked more like Philip Seymour Hoffman. The first chapter inexplicably ceases mentioning the President at all after this panel, possibly because the artists seem scared to draw his face.

comiccheney.jpgExhibit B: Dick Cheney attempts to express shock despite being unable to register any emotion on his vulcanized rubber face. Meanwhile, androgyne adviser Mary Cheney/Karen Hughes/Mary Matalin looks on, concerned. Also: "Oh, no!" is apparently the interjection of choice at the White House, after "golly" and "holy cow" were ruled a bit risque for mixed company.

This is still the absolute stupidest thing we've ever seen.

The 9/11 Report [Slate]

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