The Untold Truth Of Canned Corned Beef. Tabs, Fri., Oct. 8, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Senate Judiciary Report on how Trump pressured DOJ to overturn the election. This tab is many several pages, it will be open in my browser in various states of read for some time. (Judiciary) Read Liz's HOLY SHITBALLS report on the report, if you haven't already, here.

Related! America isn't guaranteed a happy ending. — Eric Boehlert at Press Run

Related worse! Domestic terrorists on TikTok. (Living Blue in Texas)

Seems pretty early to give the New York Times the Misleading Headline of the Year award for "Biden Throws In With Left, Leaving His Agenda in Doubt" when there's still three months left, The American Prospect.

Are we entitling people to child care and child tax credits, or are we empowering them by helping them work and also injecting money into poorer economies? Stumper. — Greg Sargent at Washington Post

A public service announcement from Mehdi Hassan.

Well this former Princeton architecture professor and dean seems very nuts! — Choire Sicha writes at New York mag

Malaria vaccine! Oh hooray! Malaria vaccine! (BBC)

Twenty-three US agencies released climate change reports for their departments. Including solutions. Hope none of them is "take away Joe Manchin's coal subsidies," cuz that won't fly, son. — NBC News / Reports

All kinds of interesting shit on the Dept of Energy website, like DIY home energy efficiency projects, info on energy efficient home design and passive solar, and a blerg about fuel efficient road trips.

I love this magnificent woman.

Well, seems I have been doing my part for the "banks have too much in savings crunch," by taking out loans like a common Trump! (Except I pay them back, like a common sucker.) You're welcome America! — Vox

My kitchen is better than all these fancy-ass Atlanta kitchens (thanks, credit!), but my bathroom is not better than these crazy painted powder rooms. Moneylenders, here I come. (Nah.) (The Atlantan)

There really are a lot of facts you didn't know about canned corned beef, and a bunch of them are interesting. — Mashed

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