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How the Texas GOP's weather crisis response is stealing from Trump's "let them eat COVID" playbook. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Case in point! Remember Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Fuckhead, and his "lay down your life for the economy," telling people they should go back to work, COVID or not? Yeah: "Former Texas governor [AND US ENERGY SECRETARY] Rick Perry suggests that going days without power is a sacrifice Texans should be willing to make if it means keeping federal regulators out of the state's power grid." (Houston Chronicle)

How's that deregulated power grid going? "The nightmare only got worse on Monday, when she realized her bill had increased by another $2,500. In comparison, [Akilah] Scott-Amos paid $33.93 last year for the entire month of February." Holy shit. — Daily Beast

Mattress Mack a hero again. (ABC13) (And yes, despite my very fair assumption that Joel Osteen would once again prick out and refuse to help those in need, he has opened his church too, for once.)

That's you in the spotlight, New York and Northeast! Storm Eyes Northeast — Accuweather

Tucker Carlson Detects Other Suspicious Behaviors:

Little girl fell and scraped knee; father appeared with Band-Aids and a hug. What are they playing at and for whom? Perhaps some sort of sponsored Band-Aid content? Will keep watching.

Alexandra Petri of course, at Washington Post

Liz and Dick Uihlein gave Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis $900,000. Now Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is giving 3000 vaccine doses to the planned community they seem to own. Don't like it? Don't complain, or he'll take away your county's vaccines all together. Holy shit, y'all need some INPEECH. (Sun-Sentinel)

Seventy percent of Republicans approve of Joe Biden's COVID relief bill. He ain't the one who's not being "unity." — Eric Boehlert at PressRun

"Cuomo's adviser denied that the governor threatened to destroy Kim." Okay, if that's what you're going with, Andrew Cuomo, then NOBODY BELIEVES YOU. — CNN

The opening to Rebecca Traister's profile of Maya Wiley, running for NYC mayor, is HARROWING, I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN GO ON.

Maya Wiley's parents, both activists, raised her and her brother, Dan, to be resilient. In 1973, when Maya was 9 and her brother 10, their father, George Wiley, bought a small boat. On their first day out on Chesapeake Bay, he insisted that his children learn how to drive it and drop the anchor in case they ever encountered an emergency.

The next day, Maya and Dan went out with him again. As their father, a big and exuberant man, traversed a narrow wooden walkway on his new boat, the rusted screws holding the walkway in place gave way and he fell backward into the water. His life preserver ripped, and Wiley remembers seeing it float away. She and her brother tried to circle the boat around him to no avail, and they watched him drown.


The siblings managed to drive the boat close enough to shore to drop anchor and swam in to a white beach community, where they ran screaming from house to house and were rebuffed by the first family they tried before someone finally took them in and called the police.

OH MY FUCKING GOD. — New York mag

Biden's immigration plan! Three-year path to citizenship for DREAMers, farmworkers, and TPS refugees. Eight-year path and a work permit for everyone else. (CBS News)

How could DHS have known this employee would become a neo-Nazi terror leader? Oh, his last name was Nazzaro? That's just destiny, like my old dentist, Dr. Rench. (Vice)

But Biden's small business grants are too focused on fraud — the bad shit we all heard about with PPP was less than 1.4 percent of funds — and so new grants simply are not going out the door. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

Wait, you can MAKE beef shawarma? Home-Made Beef Shawarma. (Mediterranean Dish)

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