The Video-Game Version of the Election

Steven Johnson,run away! run away! in Slate, asks the question no one else dared to ask: Where's the video game version of the 2004 presidential campaign? Couldn't you just hit yourself for overlooking that vital component of modern elections?

No, really, Johnson tries his best to make this sound like it wouldn't be the video game equivalent of counting chads, but he's going in the wrong direction by imagining the game as a version of the "Sims." I mean, have you looked into General Clark's eyes lately? Fuck the simulated political campaign idea, a game based on this race should be a first-person shooter! Howard Dean (the Hulk) battles an evil robot with laser-shooting eyes, Clark, and his android companion, Madonna! J-Lo is the dishy babe whose magic voter registration drive ad could win the war for either side.

"Campaign 2004: The Rise of the Machines"

SimCandidate [Slate]


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