The War on Terror Reports

National Counterterrorism Center statistics for an annual State Department report entitled "Patterns of Global Terrorism" suggest that terrorism is booming -- reported attacks in 2004 were higher than in any other year over the last two decades, and that's not counting attacks on American troops in Iraq. In response, the State Department has acted boldly and swiftly: It's going to stop publishing the report. From now, it'll leave that task up to the National Counterterrorism Center. What really makes this funny? According to Larry C. Johnson of The Counterterrorism Blog, "If you take time to parse the numbers, the actual scope of terrorism by Islamic extremists in 2004 appeared to decline relative to the attacks during 2003 (except for Iraq)." But apparently the Bush Administration is so versed in denying and covering up bad news, they react the same way when the news might actually be good.

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