Looks like that anti-suicide bomber PSA we posted about earlier is pumping up would-be suicide bombers all across the Middle East, not just in Iraq. From Rebecca Sinderbrand:

So I just got back from a few weeks working in Syria... while I was there I saw this PSA every ten minutes or so; it was in heavy rotation on MBC, which means it's showing pretty much everywhere in the Middle East, not just Iraq. (Don't know if how familiar you are with MBC: it's kind of like the Univision of the Arab world. A couple of Western imports, but mostly wacky sitcoms, overwrought documentaries, homegrown miniseries, that sort of thing.) There was also a second, similar PSA showing... no cute little boy in that one, so it wasn't quite as gripping...

AMERICA'S WORRIES ARE OVER! WITH BULLET-TIME GRAPHICS ON OUR SIDE, HOW CAN WE LOSE???? Now we can bring our soldiers back and put them to work fighting this country's real enemies: those goddamn Chinese fishing-rod manufacturers.


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