* ok, it's become obvious that, like sadaam, she has body doubles. how else can she look so different in all those photos. also, this body double is clearly a tranny.


* When will somebody finally stand up and run against McKinney on a Pro-Biggie platform. Why must Big Poppa remain the third rail of Georgia politics?

* Several years ago, when I was a hill intern, I had a guy graphically describe to me the process of putting a cow down with a machete. See, he couldn't own a gun, because people with spouses or former spouses who have restraining orders against them for violence or the threat thereof are prohibit from purchasing firearms in the great state of Oregon. So he had a sick cow, and wanted to put it down, and couldn't shoot it, so he hacked it to death, then called me to tell me all about it so that my office would change the (state, not federal) law that got in his way. Yeah, just the kind of guy I hope is packing heat. He ended the call with "Now, I know you liberals aren't planning on changing anything, but I call in every couple of months just to let you know that not all of your constituents are okay with your lefty ideas." Oh, I almost forgot the best part - he asked me at one point "Is there a second amendment?" Without discussing it's many interpretations, I admited that there was, in fact, a second amendment. That, for him, was tantamount to an admission that the state was unfairly denying him his right to be batshit crazy with a gun. Ah, constituents.

* Well, the analogy to Red Rover doesn't really work... You never really hear a chant that goes, "Red Rover, Red Rover, let Jorge come over, but he has to go back to the other team in 2-5 turns."

* I was thrilled to realize, after reading this, that apparently you can't use the word "fisting" in the Post.


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