The Week in Comments: Tupac, Rummy, and Harding

It was a bad week for comments because Wonkette was totally broken for the first half of it (remember that? Oh, it was so long ago...). Still, tho -- these were some of the good ones from the second half:

* She got her Sisters of Mercy confused.

* "Mid drifts"? Is that what it really said, or is that Wonkette's typo? That sounds like some sort of geological feature ("the great Pacific mid drift..."). It doesn't inspire much confidence in a newspaper if they don't use words properly.

* Enormous pointy breasts aside, does anybody else find Rummy's ski jacket to be a little too early 90's/gay for the guy who is in charge or the largest military in the world?

* That Guckert boy could use a job, I'm sure, and like McClellan, he's a bottom.Or how about the Village People? A group that's been stuck with a three-song repertory since the seventies can stay on message. i think they've proven that. Other possibilities: wingnut of the week! One week it's Krauthammer tweaked on ritalin, then the next week it's Coulter stoned on viagra. The best part it: the presscorps doesn't know who it's gonna be. Stanley Crouch! Midge Dector! Some fat guy you've never seen before in your entire life!

* "The writ is the writ, bitch." there are going to be some confused-ass people the next time i get drunk and belligerent.

* I think everybody's heard about that little constitutional easter egg. it was responsible for one of the best Warren G. Harding stories, and one of the best Washington DC stories ever. Harding was in a whore house, naked, when the cops came in the door. He stood up, put his hat on and said "Out of my way young man -- I'm on my way to my duties at the US Congress!" Of course Harding was (absent a rigogous application of the one drop rule) white, and times were different. i guess that explains this little rudeness problem the Kapital Kops have. I bet Terry Gainer is laughing right about now.

* Tupac also said, "Reality is wrong, dreams are for real." That can be McKinney's defense.

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