The Week In Garbage Men: MGTOWs Declare War On 'Cucked' Dr. Pepper.

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The Week In Garbage Men: MGTOWs Declare War On 'Cucked' Dr. Pepper.

Hello and welcome to a quick and dirty The Week In Garbage Men!

This week, I bring you a Dr. Pepper commercial that has outraged the Men Going Their Own Way of Reddit, on account of how it is just another example of corporate America rubbing "hypergamy" in their faces. "Hypergamy," as you may know by now, is a favorite term in the manosphere used to describe the practice of women marrying or dating men that these men consider to be out of their league for whatever reason.

The commercial features a couple who are apparently fans of one sports team in a delivery room, and then when the woman gives birth, the kid is dressed up like a fan of another team, as if to imply that the woman has had an affair. I don't know what that has to do with gross soda, nevermind "hypergamy," but here we are:

Dr Pepper Commercial 2018 Eddie George Fansville:

In a post titled "Open Hypergamy and modern western pop culture. They don't even hide it anymore, and further yet, corporate America is rubbing our noses in it," FactCheckOnTheFly writes:

"Hey bro, aren't you taking this too seriously? It's just a harmless TV commercial!
I know that. But it's a pop culture example that tells us something about the nature of gender relations, hypergamy, and female primacy of the world we are living in.
This is a Dr Pepper TV commercial that has been running all college football season. It's a fictional place called "Fansville", and an oh so lucky guy is in a delivery room with his wife in labor. The baby pops out, is wearing the other "teams" clothes, and the implication is that the baby is not his; presumably his wife had sex win an opposing "fan". Mommy sheepishly looks away as she nonchalantly sips her Dr Pepper. Nothing but a cold, IDGAF gaze, cue fade out.
Man up cuck, and open that wallet for "Tech" (Chad's baby), and not only had you better not complain about it, you better make your wife feel supported and encouraged for having done it.
This is supposed to be "funny", you see. A man openly cucked by his cheating wife is now an example of comedy in modern western culture. Hell, I'm willing to bet that beta simp men the country over sat on the couch and chuckled right along with their wives while watching it. In other words, the female dual mating strategy has moved from shunned, to tolerated, to encouraged, and now we are in the open celebration stage, and blue pilled men are celebrating right along with them.

Yes, this commercial is definitely an advertisement for adultery. It's actually part of our 12-point plan to deprive men of the equal distribution of vaginas they have so rightfully earned. You think we don't have operatives at Dr. Pepper? Of course we have operatives at Dr. Pepper. We are everywhere.

One MGTOW was so upset by the commercial he was ready to go to WAR, though he was quickly reassured by another who noted that climate change is coming, which I guess means we're all going to die and that would be... good?

Curiously, there was also a post about embracing climate change over on the Braincels subreddit this week, in which an incel calling himself "sithemperortrump" proclaimed:

Climate change will put us all on equal footing with the chads since their genes will also be eradicated just like ours. I think it makes sense to elect leaders who deny climate change and don't care about it (like Trump).

As it turns out, several of the incels claimed to already be doing their part to bring about climate change for the purposes of getting revenge on women who won't fuck them and the Chads they love:

Trump is a gaylord who only passively allows anthropocentric climate change to inflict damage, we should elect turbo-Bolsonaros who promise to raze every single tree on earth to the ground.

In addition I eat beef everyday to support the meat industry in producing more greenhouse gases. I also eat fish almost everyday and support overfishing in any way I can. I eschew public transport and often spend hours doing aimless drives around the city. It's a relaxing hobby and I hope my emissions lower the air quality to the point where the immune systems of Chads and females are compromised (mine would be too obviously but it's over for me anyway). Chip in and brainstorm new ways to fuck up the climate brothers.

Killing the environment to own the... people who have sex, I guess?

I have been supporting it ever since I got blackpilled. I now try to burn as much fossil fuels as I can. I also throw all my recycling in the garbage but that has little to do with climate change.

That'll show 'em!


Of course, not all of the incels thought climate change was the best revenge plan, on account of how it's the chemtrails and not their cars doing all the damage.

In any case any climate change that exists is government created not people created. Its the chemtrails the government is spraying doing it, not my car's exhaust.

Gotta love that crank magnetism!

Anyhoo -- this is now your open thread! Enjoy!

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