The Week In Garbage Men: Misogynists Dream Of Electric(al) Women, MGTOW Poetry And More!

The Week In Garbage Men: Misogynists Dream Of Electric(al) Women, MGTOW Poetry And More!

Hello and welcome to The Week In Garbage Men. In case you weren't aware, which you probably were not, RealDoll announced that Harmony -- supposedly the most realistic sexbot ever -- will be finally be available for purchase later this month. For around $11,000. Unlike other RealDolls, Harmony will be able to talk in a creepy Scottish accent, and tell users that she will love them forever. And ever. And ever.

Naturally, there were some very interesting comments on the YouTube page! Some were very excited, others were Nazis disappointed in her lack of a womb.

- The day women realise their true worth draws ever closer. Lol!

- This is the beginning of greatness. No divorce lawyer, alimony, STDs, etc. These will Be expensive - I think they’ll sell more if you can do a payment plan/loan like for a car! I want one! Now, eventually when it can actually walk around and such perfect. Imagine if mass produced and as customizable as a character in Skyrim. Noice.

- If it can't get pregnant to field an unflinchingly loyal army of ARYAN SUPER SOLDIERS, then it's useless to me.

- Between her and microwaves, why would any man with an income risk everything on a fat, emotional single mom

- Artificial womb or no deal. If i can't get it pregnant so i can raise my own army of white space marines, there's no point in getting one of these.

As you may know, many of our Meninist friends have been excitedly awaiting the day when the sex bots arrive. Not just because they are excited to have sex with robots, but because all of us women are gonna be SO MAD when they replace us! And then like, we'll be all "Oh, we're so sorry we were so cruel to you! Let US be your sexbots!"

Some fella who calls himself "Blackdragon" explained how it's going to happen earlier this week.

The pool of men available for women to marry or date in a serious relationship is going to fall by at least 75%, perhaps even more. It’s going to be a dating bloodbath for women. Women will be horrified, shocked, angry, and confused. They’re going to try to get a boyfriend or husband, and the dating sites will be barren wastelands. The typical over age 33 woman is going to make demands of a man on or before the first or second date, and even if he’s a total beta he’ll just laugh at her, leave, and go fuck his Margot Robbie robot at home, who is far hotter than her and never makes demands of him.

Women are going to be screwed. For the first time in all of human history, they will be placed in direct competition with a new breed of woman that loves to fuck all day long, doesn’t require any money, kindness, or obedience, is far better looking than the average, never ages, and never gains weight.

Oh my god.

He is so excited for this day to come!

In the end, women will be forced to be more compliant. They will have to start doing things like have sex on the first date, be less demanding about monogamy or financial support, and be less insistent regarding men doing whatever they want. Oh, they won’t want to do these things, but most of them will have to do these things if they want a long-term romantic companion.

I have lots of anecdotal evidence of this already.

We are sure he does! I, for one, welcome our sex robot overlords and hope that "Blackdragon" is very happy with his.

Which is worse? MGTOW poetry or Vogon Poetry? It is hard to tell!

This is just a really good poem by a Man Going His Own Way about how women are BEE HIVES.

Yes there's honey. Sweet sweet honey.

But there's also bees.

Did you know that bee's sting?

Seems obvious but lots of men don't realize this when chasing honey.

Some men even try to keep the bee hive in their room.

If only they knew honey dries up when bee hives are removed from the wild.

These men are left with no honey, angry bees and a large hospital bill.

I rather chase the money and buy the honey.

Never get stung brethren. GYOW

Snap snap snap! I'm honestly kind of disappointed that this guy didn't even mention anything about how male worker bees die after sexing up the queen, but what can you do?

Incel can't even bake cookies!

My normie brother keeps having his teenage Chad and Stacy friends over. This is brutal.

Just now he had like 6 normie guys and 3 Stacies over. I had to listen to them talk about having gfs, and the females having bfs, and about all the fun they had over the week that they were telling each other about because I had to stay in the kitchen to keep an eye on the cookies I was making. I could tell that they all thought I was some strange guy since I was just lurking around for 20 minutes. I even offered them cookies after they were done but only tall Chad wanted one. They looked at me like I was weird as fuck for baking cookies.

At least they left.

Brutal indeed, I guess! Either that or they just didn't want cookies?

And, now that I have traumatized you all... IT IS YOUR OPEN THREAD! I love you very much and hope that you will drop some change in our tip jar!

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