The Week In Review: Drinks For All!

· Sean Hannity helps conservatives meet and mate. We're surprised he's not turning down the bedsheets and passing out anal sex guides.

·Is Jeff Gannon still actually Jeff Gannon?

· Intelligence Chief John Negroponte not beloved by all. Or, possibly, any.

· The Great Bush Putin Presser of 2005 (and incidentally, the hot blond Russian journalist was Andrei Kolisnikov of Kommersant Daily. We like him in, you know, that way. The way in which we wish Sean Hannity would teach us about anal sex with him.

· Prepare to get screwed extra-hard on parking tickets.

· When Jews go inside the Aryan nation... at Appleby's.

· Building the National Iraq War Memorial... in advance

· Fox News changes quotes? Cool!

· Would someone please, please buy

· And could someone fill us in on the Paris Hilton - Gavin Newsom connection? It's freaking us out.

· Finally: Jeff Gannon, now with theme song.

· And a bonus: Wonkette on Howard Stern in Wired.


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