Su Lin? Straight up OWNED. Butterstick? Currently keeping scientists busy recalibrating all known measures of cuteness.

Michael Lenehan proposes a Year Without Journalism after dissing pioneering web-based content efforts. Big words for a guy who only gets read on slow-loading PDFs.

If you thought that Abramoffukkah didn't have a cream-filled center of sex gone wrong in the corridors of power, think again.

The selective stupidity of public servants on full display.

Ticking time-bombs make for compelling television, idiotic public policy.

Michael Scanlon's ultra-weird adolescence, REVEALED. And how.

But the most important moment of the week: After a few days of dawdling, you learned that your beloved Ana Marie Cox would be elevating to Editor Emeritus. It may feel like a hole has been torn in the Blogosphere, but remember: OG Ana built this domain on the premise that the leaders of Washington DC's main industry roll into town on the wings of high ideals and then proceed to behave as if they were participants in some kind of Feyian slambook cliqueria, with the aesthetically pleasing likes of LiLo and Rachael McAdams replaced by grizzle-haired overexcitable coots and shrill, claws-out harridans. The premise is unimpeachable--no matter how many Sensenbrenners you throw at it. And while change is coming to Wonkette, there's always one thing you can be certain of: those fuckers NEVER learn. Godspeed you, Ms. Cox. Long live Wonkette.


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