The Week in Wonkette: Perky Delay, Kittens

  • Are they doing cavity searches at mug-shots now, because Tom DeLay sure looks perky?

  • Why did the levees break? Because the water was unafraid.

  • Bush has finally had it with illegal immigrants who think they can come here and act just like lazy Americans. If they wanna stay, they've gotta be ready to work.

  • Porter Goss likes his job as CIA Director fine, just as long as he's still got time for organic farming.

  • Karl Rove's garage not under indictment. Yet.

  • Everyone loves humiliating kittens -- even the Pentagon.

  • Is your shiny black leather boot not quite spectacular enough to make Liberace sigh with envy? Then kick it up a notch -- Senator John Cornyn shows you how.

  • Harriet Miers? At least Bush didn't nominate a La-Z-Boy.

  • First the kiss, then the scream.
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