The West Wing: The Future of our Fake Presidency In Doubt

Santosmcgarry.JPGEven as the most idealistic, or drunk, members of the anti-Bush crew renew their call for the word that rhymes with "shim-bleach-ment" in the wake of the espionage scandal, the death of actor John Spencer, reported here yesterday, has put the outcome of the upcoming President of Pretendland in doubt, because, as the five of you who still watch The West Wing know, Leo McGarry was to be Matt Santos' vice-president.

Where will things go from here? Personally speaking, we're hopeful that pretend America will be devoured by ravenous sea serpents and the show put out of its misery. But in the interest of...well, having something to write about later this week, we open up the floor to your always astute predictions. Uncork your opinionhole and drop us a line under the subject "West Wing Futures."

PS: If you get a chance, check out the adorably earnest Wikipedia page on Matt Santos.


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