The White Death Will Not Stop Love (Or Casual Sex)

Neither snow nor sleet, nor more snow and sleet, can stop what is coming this Sunday: Valentine's Day. BLAH BLAH BLAH, you either love Valentine's Day because you're happy and in love, or its mere presence makes you want to slit your wrists. (Or you don't care.) Well, whether you're single, in a relationship or cheating on your partner, there are plenty of things to do in DC to celebrate this (happy? sad? pointless?) day.

What to do with your special someone for Valentine's Day (pending that you have one, that is. But even if you don't, we've got you covered, too):

Go Out To Dinner:

  • Cafe Atlantico is channeling Brazil's Carnaval for their Valentine's Day menu. In fact, just by eating there and spending $85 per person on your meal, you get to go on a "romantic and sensual culinary tour of the tastes of Brazil." What fun!
  • Proof, the wine spot over in Penn Quarter, is offering a three-course tasting menu complete with scallops, risotto, beef tenderloin and, for dessert, a selection of gourmet cheese, a sampling of chocolates, or a caramelized mango tart. Cost is $78 per person; add a wine pairing for an additional $45.
  • Rustico makes great beer and pizza, and for V-day, they are serving said great beer and pizza as well as heart shaped ravioli (cue big aww), and desserts like a warm chocolate cake with cherry beer and fresh cherry sauce.
  • Plenty of other restaurants are jacking up their prices and offering 90-course meals in the name of love. You can find a whole list of them here.

See A Movie:

  • The American City Diner is screening romantic films all week long to get you in the mood for the big day and on Valentine's Day, they are screening the classic Moonstruck.
  • The DC JCC is screening the ultimate romance movie, Casablanca, on Thursday. This film basically defines romance, not to mention is the origin of nearly all the great phrases in the English language.
  • AFI is hosting a month-long festival of romantic movies, perhaps because love doesn't just happen on the 14th, maybe? Films include When Harry Met Sally, High Fidelity, and Sense and Sensibility.
  • Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse is hosting a Valentine's Day celebration that everyone can love: $8 for a screening of The Princess Bride, stand-up comedy and a wine tasting.

Class It Up:

  • Panache wants everyone who spends their nights and weekend bhangra dancing with their loved one to head there on February 13 for their Bollywood2Night dance party, "A Tribute to Love." The festivities start at 10PM. The date package is $20, with drink specials running until 11PM.
  • Napoleon Bistro and Lounge is being taken over by Fatback DJ who will be playing Barry White and other romantic classics all night long on Valentine's Day. Doors open at 10PM, cost is $5.

Eat Dessert:

  • ACKC is your go to spot for anything of the chocolate variety. Plus, now that they have their fancy wine and chocolate bar, it's also an excellent V-Day date spot.
  • Biagio Fine Chocolates is your upscale, gourmet chocolate store where buying a bar of chocolate is like buying a wedding ring, just slightly less expensive.
  • CoCo Sala is the ideal place to spend Valentine's Day: it's dark, the furniture is red and it's full of chocolate. They offer a three course dessert tasting menu (we recommend the Co Co. Grown Up) or, if you prefer, you can indulge in one of their Valentine's Day packages.

Don't Buy Anything:

  • Hello Cupcake is asking folks to share their best, worst and funniest pick up stories on their blog, "You had me at hello (cupcake)." They will award a free cupcake to whoever has the best story.

Or, If You're Single:

  • If you're a self-deprecating single woman, head to Sylene in Chevy Chase for their February Bras and Brunch talk. This week its "Love, Lust & Lingerie: A Q & A on Dating and Relationships." You'll find out why you're still single, why all men are just horrible assholes, and why, maybe if you started throwing up your food more often, you would find true love.
  • Valentine‚Äôs Day Singles Awareness Night is basically an ode to STDs. Nothing says "I'm single and it's Valentine's Day" like getting liquored up and sharing a party van with dozens of people you've never met. The possibilities of getting a STD are endless, but somehow it's still very appealing. Party starts at 9PM, cost is $35 and the bus picks up 19th and M Streets NW.
  • Shred Your Ex and Find Your Next Party at the Bottom Line is an annual event where folks who are suffering from a broken heart can shred photos, mementos, etc. from past relationships because there's no better way to spend Valentine's Day than by pho-mutilating your ex.

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