The Wild Bunch

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? - WonketteLike everything in America, the Congressional Page program was a hell of a lot more fun in the old days. According to Ron Kessler's book "Inside Congress," before the lame era of Instant Messages and "What are you wearing?" come-ons, pages did what kids are supposed to do: raise hell, get high, swim naked and have sex with each other. Girl pages particularly enjoyed driving the Capitol cops crazy with lust:

At the beginning of their shifts, Capitol Police officers would make it a practice to "stake out" the building at 235 2nd Street NE. "It was nicknamed 'virgin village' because female pages undressed there without putting down their blinds," Terry Coons, a former Capitol Police officer, told me. "It was a gathering place for officers for the first hour."

"They left their blinds open, and undressed," said Wayne Beckett, another former Capitol Police officer. "The officers watched. They [the female pages] were teases. They knew what they were doing. We would shine flashlights at them, and they would leave the blinds open ... They totally undressed and pranced around."

Page scandal goes deeper [NewsMax]

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