The Wind It Was Howlin' and the Snow Was Outrageous


  • Obama announced the new U.S. plan for Afghanistan -- a 30,000-troop surge on the, er, way out of the country -- and 30,000 little Thomas Friedmans itchily critiqued the plan, on the Internet. [CNN/Washington Post/BBC/Tom Friedman]
  • Nothing else happened on the entire planet. Just kidding! Tiger Woods got a $164 traffic ticket for having an affair with his car, in the night. [LA Times]
  • Gold is up to $1,200 an ounce, pending U.S. home sales are at the highest level since early 2006, and nearly-nekkid models in frilly underwear finally got a chance to appear on the teevee last night. [Marketwatch/Marketwatch/Marketwatch]
  • Fancy private schools in New York State are growing an army of forest hobbits. [NYT]
  • Internet searches reveal nobody's much interested in Sarah Palin, for real, but they're all crazy interested in Twitter. And here we thought Palin and Twitter were the same vapid empty thing. [Gawker]
  • Kasim Reed has declared victory! But Mary Norwood has yet to concede. One of them will be mayor of Atlanta! [Atlanta Journal Constitution]

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