The World Won't End

  • America's entire financial underpinnings will continue to collapse until we are left with a single nationalized bank, a single nationalized mortgage provider, and a single nationalized insurer, and John McCain still cannot figure out how to talk about the economy without sounding like an idiot. [New York Times]
  • Speaking of, the Fed took an 80 percent stake in insurance giant AIG in exchange for a two-year, $85 billion loan. [Bloomberg]
  • Somebody tried to bomb the US Embassy in Yemen, indicating that they still presumably do not like us over there. [Washington Post]
  • Barack Obama held a fancy Hollywood fundraiser and seduced thousands of movie big shots, the same way lumpy-faced Robert Redford seduced Demi Moore in that terrible movie a thousand years ago. [Political Punch]
  • Barack Obama wants universal healthcare while John McCain wants -- wait for it -- the market to decide. [Washington Post]
  • Here is some info on that Troopergate scandal that is just a leetle too dull and complicated to really attract public interest, but is probably the most damning bit of political subterfuge Sarah Palin is associated with. [Wall Street Journal]

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