The Worst Helicopter Parents Ever! Tabs, Thurs., Nov. 5, 2020

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How the networks reacted to Trump's 2:30 a.m. Election Night fash-rant: quite well actually! (Vanity Fair)

No, Trump can't just go to the Supreme Court. There has to be stuff that happens first! (Plus it's all about to be mooted with actual Biden wins.) — Buzzfeed

Apropos of nothing, from mid-October:

[M]any intelligence officials said they remained far more concerned about Russia, which in recent days has hacked into state and local computer networks in breaches that could allow Moscow broader access to American voting infrastructure.

I am just wondering if maybe we were saved by the skin of our teeth by all those paper mail-in ballots. (New York Times)

Sorry to Alex Jones you, but here is a fun ("fun") blast from the past about Ohio 2004, which you will never convince me we lost. — Vanity Fair

Speaking of! InfoWars Offers Readers Guide To Staying Psychotic, Violent During Stressful Election Day — The Onion

Speaking of, more again too as well also!

It's deja vu all over again!

Go Cori Bush go! (Vox)

Hey, that's true: There wasn't actually voter intimidation like we all dreaded, mostly. — Vox

Wile E. Coyote: Republican Strategist. (New Yorker)

What? Fucking awesome! New Mexico sends all women of color to the House! — USA Today

A fabulous thread about the fabulous man who made Nebraska's second electoral vote happen. Treat yourself!

Top Trump campaign douche Jason Miller is hiding income from Steve Bannon to avoid child support? That doesn't sound like him. (Salon)

So this is interesting: Yestertoday, my son showed me with great concern some absolutely vile video mashups of Joe Biden saying nasty shit about Black people. Each was edited to two-second snippets. Why do you think they cut it off right after he said that? I asked him. What context do you think they were cutting out? This looks like he's reading off a piece of paper in the Senate; he must be quoting somebody back to them, right? (Actually: right!) If they're lying about that, what else are they lying about? And why do you think Steve Bannon is targeting all your young Black friends with these videos? Could I explain away all of it? Not all. Kamala quite famously called Biden out on his opposition to busing that would promote integration. But all my son's young, proud, Black friends were being inundated with this stuff all year. And NPR says the disinformation was FLOODING Black and Latino young men in the campaign's final days. (NPR)

Which of these writers' feelings on the eve of the election were you? (New York mag)

Reverse Dustbowl Diaries: Photos and words in OKC, from LA. — Red Canary Collective

Oh look what we just made!

I will check to see whether it will look good on masks :)


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