The Worst TV Parents Ever. Tabs, Mon., Jan. 31, 2022

Trump talked some shit, threatened some civil disturbances, dangled some more January 6 pardons, you know, the usual. (HuffPost)

How dishonest is the RNC? LOL. — Aaron Rupar substack

Chief Cyber Ninja Doug Logan still fucking with the judge despite $50,000-per-day fines. Seems like someone needs to go to jail for contempt. (AZ Republic)

Amy Coney Barrett crossed over to vote with the liberals on a death penalty case, leaving it still five-four for absolute torture of an intellectually disabled man. Ian Millhiser explains at Vox.

Bringing together Lauren Boebert, the Continental Congress, ALEC, the Civil War and ever so much more, it's Heather Cox Richardson! I bet Lauren Boebert totally grokked all of it too.

Bureau of Prisons has a new trans policy, and it's certainly better. (It's still, of course, unsafe.) (19th News)

Cool cool, Spokane County prosecutor's wife a nazi hooray. — Inlander

Ken Paxton and AGs for seven other states suing Joe Biden for a program allowing some Central American kids to come join their parents who are already here, because the cruelty is still the point. (Texas Tribune)

It's Eighty Year Old Jewish Sisters Do DNA Tests In Poland And Find Each Other Cry Time! Go and get your crying shoes. (Like you don't have crying shoes.) (Ken Paxton does not have crying shoes.) (The JC)

What the fuck is this. A 2020 post about a 1981 hilarious prank where all the Portland cops threw dead possums at a Black-owned restaurant, then got fired, then threatened the police commissioner who fired them, and then got their jobs back in arbitration. God damn fuck. — PDX Monthly

East Coast and West Coast butter battle book. (They are different sizes. Now you know!) — HuffPost

I am very sick and I am going back to bed, you guys are in charge of getting more tabs please, nice ones and fun ones, no more Nazi ones there are plenty of Nazi tabs today frankly Nazi tabs are overrepresented okay goodbye.

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