The Zeitgeist Checklist Checklist: Dana May Be Gone, but the Zeitgeist Won't Check Itself

hegel.jpgYou'll just have to trust us on this one. We decided to write this week's ZEITGEIST CHECKLIST (now, lamentably, not by funnyman Dana Milbank) before reading the WaPo/Slate column.

Our predicted list:

1. Lieberman/Lamont

2. Terror

3. Lebanon/Israel

4. Iraq

5. Bloggers/"Netroots"

6. Middle East

7. Castro

8. Terror

9. Midterms

10. Terror

Our score, after the jump.

Actual checklist:

1. Terror

2. Lebanon/Israel

3. Lamont/Lieberman

4. Iraq

5. Bob Ney

6. Midterms

7. Oil Prices

8. Terror

9. Katrina (also, terror)

10. Paris Hilton joke.

State of the Zeitgeist: Still remarkably like a week-old headlines-only RSS feed.

The Zeitgeist Checklist [Slate]


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