The Zeitgeist Checklist Checklist: What Washington Read In Last Week's Newsweek

How, we thought, will we ever catch up on all the news we missed last week, while on our sponsored Happy Hour Tour of the upper Mississippi? So many stories come and gone -- and in this fast-paced electronic New Media paradise, why, missing a week of the Note is like missing a year of Huntley-Brinkley! If only there was some service, some regular feature that summed up stuff that was in the news last week... a sort of "week in review," but less substantive and with more arbitrary rankings and numbers...

Of course! It's Dana Milbank's celebrated and beloved feature, the Zeitgeist Checklist. This week's checklist is checked, after the jump:

  • Items 1-4: The conflict in the middle east! Seems like it's heating up, or something. No time to go into details, we've got zeitgeist to check!

  • 5: Michael Steele seems to have ruffled some feathers... last week!

  • 6: Trade talks! Beginning to wish you could squeeze a few more items outta the Middle East thing, huh, Dana?

  • 7: Arlen Specter: Still Ineffectual!

  • 8: Uhh... the bike guy.

  • 9: And Wal-Mart.

  • 10: John Bolton got wet -- last week!
  • The Zeitgeist Checklist [Slate]


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