Then We Came To The Middle

  • On Tuesday while Democrats were busy paying attention to the convention, John McCain was talking about how Barack Obama doesn't believe in American greatness. [Washington Post]
  • Speaking of international things, today's convention theme is national security -- featuring speaker Bill Clinton, who wanted to talk about the economy. [Congressional Quarterly]
  • Barack Obama is quietly airing ads in swing states explaining why he should not be held accountable for William Ayers bombing something when he (Obama) was eight years old. [Washington Post]
  • Who knew? Apparently there is a "Freedom Cage" like 50 yards from the buses where delegates get dropped off at the convention. A bunch of young hippies came all the way from like Maryland to protest in this Freedom Cage, and now they are being ignored, because of the bus route. [Denver Post]
  • Hillary Clinton tried last night to goose her supporters into voting for Obama. [Wall Street Journal]
  • So far, nobody at the convention is talking about race. [New York Times]

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