There Are Many Ways for a Kennedy To Get Hammered


Apparently the hammer was quite incensed to meet Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the Rhode Island Democrat who famously quipped, "I have never worked a fucking day in my life." The hammer -- which had worked many days over the course of its life -- therefore struck Kennedy in his big fat mouth.

"Kennedy deserved to get slugged in the kisser," said the hammer after the incident. "I wasn't going to give him a free pass just because we're both tools."

IRONY ALERT: The accident happened at Kennedy's meeting with Matt Kriesel, an entrepreneur who "produces Impact Gel, a shock-absorbing material used sports-shoe inserts, tennis rackets and horse saddles. Kriesel was hitting some gel with a hammer to demonstrate how it reduces vibration when the hammer's head flew off and hit Kennedy in the mouth."

Rep. Kennedy Hit in the Mouth by Hammer [AP]

Kennedy Receives Stitches After Injury at Business Meeting [Boston Globe]

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