There Is a God, But He's Criminally Insane

Jesus was a sellout. - WonketteA weird new survey proves that most Americans are confused dingbats and that just over half of the nation is Under God, which is going to really screw up Rove's Christian Base next week, because not even Christians are convinced this whole God thing is for real.

Despite being a "Christian Nation" or whatever, 42% either don't believe in God or aren't sure God exists. And now, the hilarious contradictions:

Only 76% of Protestants, 64% of Catholics, and 30% of Jews said they are "absolutely certain" there is a God. However, most Christians who described themselves as "born-again" (93%) said they are absolutely certain there is a God.
This is incredible: 7% of America's notorious Born-Again Jesus Freaks aren't sure if their God, er, exists. Are these people part of the 15% of Americans who don't know who's president yet still somehow manage to both maintain telephone service and answer when it rings?

The only good news in the Harris Poll is that people under 40 are much less likely to believe in the whole Christian God thing at all. Then again, Americans under 40 probably didn't understand the question.

Many Americans Not 'Absolutely Certain' Of God [4 News]


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