There Is A Problem When We Can't Keep Track Of The School Shootings

here is a kitty. we hope it makes the gun thing a bit easier to tolerate.

We at Wonkette are sad to tell you about the deaths of two teenagers, Casey Marquez and Paco Fernandez. They were students at Aztec High School in Aztec, New Mexico, until last week when they were killed by a former student.

William Atchison, 21, planned to kill a bunch of people. He managed two before killing himself. He'd have gotten more, only a substitute teacher had done enough active shooter drills that she got all the kids in the computer lab into the adjoining office and barricaded the door before the shooter could get to them.

The gun was legally purchased by the shooter. There was one gun and multiple magazines. The shooter had been investigated by the FBI for saying stupid shit online. This was planned, and not for revenge so much as because the shooter wanted to die and take people with him.

This was the fifty-seventh school shooting of 2017. 57th.

There have been 57,894 shooting incidents in America this year. That's 14,602 deaths and 29,583 injuries, although those numbers might be outdated because this is Monday and we don't know whether the Gun Violence Archive updates every business morning or not. If you assume that each news story takes two hours to write and that each writer was working 40-hour weeks, any single news outlet would need to employ more than 14 writers full-time to cover all the shooting deaths, were each victim given their own story.

The GOP has recently been pushing legislation that would make concealed carry permits transferable across state lines, meaning that someone who's licensed in Ohio would be legally allowed to carry concealed weapons in any state. It has already passed the House.

You can donate to the funeral funds for the two students who were killed, because in America we don't have social programs to cover funerals for victims of gun violence and funerals are expensive. Casey Marquez's family is using YouCaring and Paco Fernandez's family is using GoFundMe.



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