There's Always One of These Guys at the Party, but They're Usually Not Congressmen

fratsweeney.jpgWe gave this a quick link yesterday evening, but, of course, it's worthy of further investigation. Because it's fucking hilarious.

Congressman John Sweeney (R-NY) went to a frat party. Drunk. And allowed a number of pictures to be taken. Which immediately showed up on the internet. And the party, as Hotline informs us, wasn't even in his district.

The Albany Times-Union has higher resolution photos, including one of the Honorable Representative Sweeney grinning as a puckish young citizen throws up a suggestive hand gesture. Alas, there was "drug paraphernalia," but the congressman had just enough sense left in him to not be photographed with it.

The incident led to one of the greatest public statements of our time, by his Deputy Chief of Staff:

"As a committed representative of the people throughout the area where he lives and works, he enjoyed the discussion he shared with the students from Union College. (Sweeney) was impressed with the energy and enthusiasm displayed by the students - particularly on a Friday evening."

Ah, yes. It's the "particularly on a Friday evening" that gets us. Sweeney, naturally, was in the area attending a wake. And after a Friday wake, there's nothin' like a stiff drink or 12, preferably from a plastic cup. He reportedly attempted to "discuss policy" with the students. And we all know what that means.

Picture from Union College paper via Hotline

Party Hearty [ATU]

The Party Wasn't Even In His District [Hotline]


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