There's So Much Stuff About Homosexuals In This Afternoon's Happy Links


We've got a cornucopia of Happy links for you today.

Mia Wasikowska is our new indie film darling, and she should be yours too!

We imagined a day in the life of Pat Sajak. It wasn't pretty.

A Catholic school principal committed the unforgivable sin of putting Ellen DeGeneres -- A KNOWN HOMOSEXXICAN -- on the flier for the eighth grade dance. Now she has to burn in hell.

There's a cool new app that will let you totally disrupt your medical care by having a doctor you've never met who is thousands of miles away diagnose you in a high-pressure ER situation. It's gonna be the best.

Stephen Colbert finally watched that deeply weird Idaho gubernatorial debate, which we covered ages ago.

Had you forgotten all about Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty and what a terrible bigot he is? He's here to remind you.

It's been a tough day. Why not try some sideboob?


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